How Solicitors Could Be Held Accountable?

A solicitors job is to protect the client and if they fail to do so, they are liable to pay back the fee they charge, any other charges they acclaimed and also compensate the losses through a legal route and a formal process.

• Professional invalidation

This could be done through a legal and formal process where a professional could be sued for the inefficient and improper service, resulting in poor outcome or further losses which dictates that the whole exercise defeated the purpose in itself. This can take a form of requesting the cancellation of professional expert certificate, validity, future ability and eligibility to practice the profession and similar conditions which run the risk of rendering the professional of no use and virtually unemployed. The ground rent scandal is a scenario which, given its severity and scale, can bring such results out.

• Rating

After each project of service completed, professional websites and pages have a process of rating the person and providing the validity for the work. A poor rating over time by multiple clients would ensure over time that either the professional has to improve the quality of the service or leave the market and service altogether.

• Feedback

Just like rating, there are mechanisms in place for detailed feedback which include testimonials, referral, social media mechanisms and other digital modes of invalidating the credibility and efficiency of the expert. This is a way to make sure that is not through one standalone case, then a long term and consistent poor rating would decrease the demand for the solicitor and hence automatically he would get out of market soon enough not to cause further damage to future clients. Also this would ensure enough competition among professionals, making them determined to improve and keep up with the needs and expectations of the clients.

This could be a passive way of curbing the ground rent scandal.